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Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey

[S3E2] Dirty Little Secret High Quality

Miley wants to be the first in her class to have a driver's license and is taking a test. Unfortunately, her driving instructor makes her new car dirty and she kicks him out, resulting in failing the test. Miley is relieved because she only told Lilly about getting the driving license. Lilly, unfortunately, also told Oliver, who told everyone that Miley got her license. Miley finds out that Amber is the one who got the license first and, to get back at her, lies that she got the license first and she'll drive to the upcoming beach party. Miley begs her father to let her re-take the test on the same day, but he refuses and tells her that she has two weeks to re-take the test. Miley re-takes the test, but as Hannah. On the way to the party, Miley is pulled over by a policeman due to her turn signal on. Miley gets arrested because she showed a Hannah license as Miley. Miley is forced to reveal to the policeman and his daughter, who's the fan of Hannah, her secret. The policeman's daughter is not convinced that Miley is Hannah, until Miley sings to her, the girl promises not to reveal her secret. Miley's father finds out about her arrest and drives her to the beach party to embarrass her. Meanwhile, Rico stays at the Stewarts' home due to his parents out for a weekend. Rico begins to drive Jackson insane.

[S3E2] Dirty Little Secret

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