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Christopher Cruz

Watch NCIS S09E (10) 1

Hetty first Met Clara Callen in 1966 in Langley, Virginia. She liked Clara right away. Clara had been recruited to the CIA then returned to Romania as a student (as her cover), and Hetty was to be her Handler. For more than a year, everything was fine, but then something happened and she vanished (The Death of Her Father). Six years later, she reappeared, desperate to get out of Romania with her children, G. and Amy Callen. She contacted Hetty through prearranged channels. They both agreed to meet on the Beach. At the last minute, The CIA ordered Hetty to abort the mission. While waiting for Hetty on the Beach an Assassin working for The Comescu Family later killed Clara while another man distracted young G. Callen by giving him a toy soldier. After the death of Clara Callen, both of her children get sent into the Foster System. While Amy Callen got lost in the System, G. Callen was bouncing around from one home to another (37 Foster homes to be exact) and while G. Callen is bouncing around Hetty was observing and watching his progress. While G. Callen was a teenager and began to continuously get in trouble, Lange "rescued" him and took him under her wing. She worked with and trained G. Callen. After she adopted and trained G. Callen she started adopting more children and training them. A few examples of agents that Hetty mentored are Sullivan, Lauren Hunter & Grace Stevens.

Watch NCIS S09E (10) 1

One of the best tv series I have ever really enjoyed The end , the last episode of suits is really brilliant, heartwarming and wonderful. Thank you so much for this wonderful tv serial. I will be watching it again and agin and again. All actors are brilliant. Harvey I just love your charachter. Thank you for bringing in Rachel , even if it was only a flash back. It made everything complete and beautiful. 041b061a72

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