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Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz

Mature Panties Nylon

Just be sure your underwear/bra is made with 100% natural fibers and not mixed with synthetic fabrics (i.e. polyester, spandex/elastane, nylon, rayon fabric). This minimizes the degradability of your underwear and, worse, introduces toxic chemicals into your compost bin.

mature panties nylon

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Hi, thanks for your purchase! You are correct that there are some sizing differences between Shadowline and Dixie Belle panties (Dixie Belle fits smaller). There is a handy comparison chart on our Size Guide page: -guide

Shadowline panties have definitely been on the top of my favorites list for 45 years. The brief style, Hi-cut style, and bikini style all are favorites of mine! I wish Shadowline would continue offering the bikini panties, have been able to purchase any for quite a long time. A little lace on leg openings would be very nice too!

Simply love the Shadowline nylon high cut panties. Have worn these panties for many years. They are so silky soft against your skin and they feel like your not wearing anything at all. I would recommend these panties to anyone. I just want to thank you Shadowline for making such great nylon panties. I give you 5 stars!

I have been wearing Shadowline panties for many years. Have bought them in every color. They are all very well made and last forever. Shadowline truly makes quality products. Customer service personnel are very pleasant and helpful, too.

Shadowlin panties are the best fitting and comfortable pantie on the market. I have worn shadow line panties for over 40 years. This is the only brand I buy! They last, wear great, so very comfortable.

Classy milf Payton Hall wears nylon pantyhose without panties and gives her mature pussy what it needs most (brand NEW video available in Full HD 1080P). Bonus video: USA milf Cyndi rubs her pussy with nylons.

This was a fun shoot! I had Tricia to dress in all kinds of old fashion underwear. The short opening scene she's wearing a blue dress, full white nylon slip with a lacy hem, full style white nylon panty briefs, tan nylon stockings and white garter belt.The second scene finds Tricia changing out of her longline bra and into a nursing bra along with her white nylon granny panties, lacy garter belt, tan stockings and then a pink HALF SLIP. The best part is when she lets down the flaps of the nursing bra and taking our her huge titty. Seeing a mature woman with huge breasts hanging out of a white nursing bra will make you smile...all over! 041b061a72

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