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Jump Start Your Career In Library And Information Science UPDATED

Another way to learn about the job is to shadow a school library media specialist for a day. Contact your local schools or state professional organization to set up a visit. Once you are in a job, connecting with a mentor will help the new library media specialist navigate through the challenges of a new career.

Jump Start Your Career in Library and Information Science

Dority, G. Kim. LIS Career Sourcebook: Managing and Maximizing Every Step of Your Career. Libraries Unlimited, 2012. 246p. ISBN 9781598849318.Overview of the key phases, stages, and transition points in LIS careers, including such topics as LIS Job Hunting, Starting Your Career Off Right, Managing, Leading, an Transition Points (for example, taking a career time-out or relocating your career). Each chapter is split equally between information and recommended resources.

Making the Most of Your Library Career. Lois Stickell and Bridgette Sanders, eds. ALA Editions, 2014. 110p. ISBN 0838911862.This contributed work of ten practitioners focuses on how to launch and manage your (traditional) library career. Some of the most interesting advice is around how to try to introduce change into an organziation that might not initially prove, ah, excited about doing things differently.

Modern librarians can do far more than help you find a book. Today, library science professionals are experts in accessing information across a host of modern information delivery systems. And while they may still work in schools or public libraries, these professionals can leverage their skills with information systems into a host of other career avenues.

Anne Shelley and Amy S. Jackson. "Understanding Your Role in the New Scholarly Publishing Landscape" in Monson, J. D. (2013). Jump-start your career as a digital librarian: A LITA guide (LITA guide; LITA guides). Chicago: Neal-Schuman.

The Butler Youth Services Scholarship program seeks MLIS candidates from backgrounds underrepresented in library science with a planned focus on service to children and young adults. Butler Scholars will contribute to the library and information science profession, specifically in the area of literature and library services to young people, by increasing diversity in the workforce and through excellence in professional preparation.

Calls for applications go out in late spring each year for the following academic year for three students interested in a public library internship at the award-winning Skokie Public Library. This designed learning experience will give your library career a jump-start! The group of interns will go through this experience together between September and May (10-15 hours per week). Interns receive a tuition waiver/scholarship for two SOIS courses: Fall (LIS 799-Practicum) and Spring (LIS 801-Independent Study). Students must have completed 18 credit hours of course work by the time the internship begins in the fall semester.

Each year the American Library Association awards a number of scholarships to students who are seeking master's degrees in library and information science. Scholarship winners must already be enrolled in an ALA-accredited master's degree program or must enter one. Factors considered include academic excellence, leadership qualities and evidence of a commitment to a career in librarianship. Several divisions and roundtables of the ALA also offer scholarships. Learn more about ALA scholarships.

Beta Phi Mu, the international honor society of library and information science, offers a number of scholarships and fellowships for master's and doctoral students. Five scholarships and up to six Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships are awarded annually. The Beta Phi Mu Scholarship Review Committee meets during May and recipients are announced at the Beta Phi Mu General Assembly G-ALA in conjunction with the ALA Annual Meeting in June. Learn more about Beta Phi Mu scholarships.

This class focuses on your career as an Engineer. It allows you to focus on communicating the major interests you have and how to jump-start your career in practice in whatever sector you choose or if you pursue graduate education. It introduces you to:

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From Accounting to Welding, FRCC offers more than 100 certificates to jump-start your career. The College has several Colorado locations, and the certificates you can earn vary by location. Please select a campus location to learn more.

UCR is one of the most diverse, fast-growing campuses in the UC system. Our GradEdge/JumpStart program contributes to this growth and diversity by offering incoming under-represented graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics the opportunity to get a "jump start" on their professional and academic development as part of a supportive cohort.

Whether you're a high school student, participating in dual enrollment courses, a recent graduate looking to get a jump start into a high-demand career, or an established technician looking to upskill, Pima has a course that will meet you where you are.

The best way to learn about Maria College is to come to Open House! See our technology and facilities first-hand, meet our amazing faculty, learn about our personalized support services, and get a jump-start on your application.

This class focuses on your career as an Engineering major and allows you to focus on communicating the major issues that you have focused on and and how to jump-start your career in practice as an Engineer or if you continue your graduate education. It introduces you to:

Librarians are at the heart of research. Library science requires special talent in searching, locating, compiling, and analyzing research information. Librarians are taught advanced searching and information retrieval tactics, making them great fits for research careers.

The structures of web design and computer science often overlap with library science. A librarian offers crucial point of view with skills in search design, function, and behavior. Librarians also have keen instincts in the best way to seamlessly organize content with information architecture (IA) for an intuitive user experience (UX).

One of the things you learn in library school is the importance of organizing information effectively. An exciting career in the booming field of data science could be a great fit for a library science grad who loves collection, crunching, and analyzing digital data. Librarians also use their skills in characterizing data and metadata, the data about the data. Describing and working with metadata is increasingly being taught in library schools. Taking an intro to digital libraries course is a great way to learn more about metadata.

Project Management is a great career for library science graduates. Librarians draw on their skills working on conceptualizing, organizing, and implementing projects in this field, which could include projects as diverse as within IT fields, the energy industry, or even construction.

Jump start your career in the manufacturing sector or in the automation of manufacturing processes. Obtain supervisory and management positions in the production, automation, maintenance or logistics areas of industry. 350c69d7ab

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