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Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 3

Ahem. Sorry. I usually try to keep my more, er, effusive expressions of my reactions to episodes to Twitter, but you guys saw the episode! You saw the same things I did! YOU KNOW. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 3

Hey everyone, Josh here kicking off the 12 Days of Christmas Anime series, where for the next twelve days, we discuss Christmas episodes featured in various anime! From shows that really get into the deep meaning of the holiday, to shows that just throw a Christmas tree in the background and call it a day, we cover the gambit of anime that decide to set an episode or two during this, the most wonderful time of the year!

Well, another episode where I had a lot to say. This seems to be the trend with OreGairu this season. Thankfully, the other trend is that the show continues to be very good this season, building on everything that went on up to this point, and taking it further, without holding back its punches.

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